Springers are...

- people lovers
- eager to please
- easy to train
- good retrievers
- excellent with children
- very gentle
- non-aggresive
- good companions for other dogs
- hunting dogs
- in the AKC sporting group
And much more, what a wonderful breed!

English Springer Spaniel Puppies For Sale!

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Note: Prince and Trapper are shown in the video but are no longer available since they are already home with their new families.

Puppies available now: 2 males

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Info About Tess's Puppies:

  • Birthdate: April 1, 2014
  • Color: Black and White Tri
  • Price: $1000 $900 plus 6.25% tax
  • Tails: All Docked
  • Dewclaws: All Removed
  • Dam: Tess
  • Sire: Geronimo
  • OFA/CERF: Both parents certified free from hip dysplasia and heritable eye disease.
  • AKC Registration: Limited
  • Can drive home: Sunday May 20, 2014
  • Can fly home: Sunday May 27, 2014

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Pre-whelping Info

Pre-whelping deposits are accepted, please Contact Us for more information and to let us know what you are looking for (sex, color, lots of white, etc). We reserve the right to take first pick of any litter for our own purposes.

We know it's hard to choose, so please realize that if you reserve a puppy we will need you to make a decision on which puppy you would like within 2 days once it is your turn to choose, or we will have to go on and make the puppies available to the next customer. To protect the health of our puppies no onsite visitors will be allowed before the puppies are at least two weeks old.

AKC Pedigrees

You can click on a pedgigree to see the champion bloodlines in our dogs. An AFC prefix is an Amateur Field Champion, FC is a Field Champion, and CH is a Bench Champion.

Geronimo (Sire)
Geronimo (Sire)
See more of Geronimo (Sire)
Tess (Dam)
Tess (Dam)
See more of Tess (Dam)


Our AKC English Springer Spaniel Puppies are located at our home in San Antonio, Texas halfway to Floresville near the intersection of Highway 181 and Anderson Loop 1604. We are not too far from Austin, Houston, or even Dallas, and have even had customers drive over from Louisiana to pick up their puppy (as well as enjoy the San Antonio Riverwalk and other attractions we're sure!) We have also had many puppies fly to their new homes within the Continental United States!

Why Choose a Springer?

English Springer Spaniels are extremely smart and learn very quickly. They are wonderful with children and are a perfect choice for families. Springers are quite friendly, and eager to please their owners. Some people have compared their temperament to the popular Golden Retriever. English Springer Spaniels were bred to be hunters, so you can expect your Springer to enjoy running around, sniffing out "game,"and retrieving things for you. Springers are happy to spend all day outside with their masters, they love water and are not particularly sensitive to weather in general. On the other hand, Springers are also happy to go home and lie around the house if that is what their families are doing at the time. They are very flexible and acclimate easily to various activity levels, as long as they are allowed to be with people as much as possible. As a breeder we can definitely testify to their high levels of affection!

As a breed, the English Springer Spaniel is a medium sized sporting dog, and can weigh anywhere from 35-55 pounds at adulthood. Our dogs are bench bred which in general means they will have darker coats, tails docked shorter, and are less active than field bred Springers. They are well-suited for both indoor and outdoor living, though being such people loving dogs they prefer indoors. Springers who are kept indoors are usually not as active and energetic. They could even do well in a smaller apartment as long as people are around for most of the time, and of course they also need to be given regular exercise. Springers need to be with their humans and should really only be in their crate to sleep, especially during their puppy stages when they have lots of energy. They would really enjoy having an average-sized backyard to run around in, along with being taken on walks.

About Us

We are a homeschooling family blessed with 9 beautiful children from 1 to 15 years old. We live on an 4 acre "farm", and besides our dogs we also have cats, milk goats, and enjoy gardening. We enjoy our Springers very much and are so happy to be able to help place these great puppies into families who will love them and take good care of them.

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